It's wireless, it's auto-magical!

First, make sure your iPad is updated to iOS8 or greater by going to:
Settings → General → About → Version

Next, you need to get the AirPrint compatible printer on the same Network as the iPad. Each printer is configured differently, so check the included guide or online for more info.

To check that the iPad is on the network, make sure Wifi is enabled and the network name is shown in:
Settings → Wifi

Note that a cellular iPad will need to be connected to a Wifi connection in order to AirPrint.

Once everything is ready, open the Secret Settings page, enable Badge Printing, and select your AirPrint Printer. Badges will automatically begin printing when a guest signs in.

The Inside app supports all AirPrint compatible printers, but our current known compatibility list includes models:

  • Brother QL-710W
  • Brother QL-720NW
  • Brother QL-820NWB
  • Brother QL-810W

The labels that we have tested:

  • DK-1202 (Pre-cut)
  • DK-2205 (Continous)

Please let us know about your AirPrint experiences with Inside! We want to support any AirPrint compatible printer you want to use for your front desk!

*Make sure your printer's firmware is on the latest version.  

*Your AirPrint printer must be on the same subnet as your iPad.

*Your network does not block Bonjour protocol.  (UDP 1900, 5350, 5351, 5353)