There are two key roles in the context of GDPR.  

Data Controller: You are considered the data controller because you decide how and what data to collect.

Data Processor: We are considered the data processor because we process your data collection on your behalf.

We're excited to inform you that Inside, to do our part as a Data Processor, is working to help you GDPR compliant by adding more features to our service.  Here's a look at all the new features we are building into the product.

  • Deleting individual visits (We always had this) 

  • Deleting visit records based on the date range (New Feature) 

  • Deleting visitor records and cascading visit records (New Feature) 

We are currently working on this feature, and expect to roll this out by end of July 2018.

Until we have this features available to our users, Inside customers can request that their data stored by Inside is erased at any time. You can send an email to and we will assist to make sure the person’s data is purged in our systems. 

We would like to let you know once the data is purged, we cannot retrieve the data.  So please use caution when deleting the data.